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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Chrome Extension Review - Ruul

Ruul is an extension that acts as ruler and measuring tool for webpages in Chrome. What I love about this extension is that it allows me to measure banners, pictures, and cover photo areas so that if I am working in Google Drawings, Adobe Illustrator, Pixlr Editor, etc., I can find out the exact dimension of the area that I am want to fill with a photo or graphic. 

When you launch the extension, you have a few options to add a "ruul":
  • Resizable  - Allows you to create a box to  measure a specific area in inches, centimeters, or in pixels.
  • Add a ruler - Select one of the predesigned rulers to put on a web page.  The measurements of the ruler are in pixels.
I have used this in finding the measurements for headers on Google Sites, or cover photos in G+.  I can see the use of this in yearbook and newspaper classes when measuring out sample template ideas, in geometry classes who are blended and working a lot online through Google Docs and Drawings. 

Here's a little .gif to see the functionality:

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